• Pillow Covers India Handmade Artisan Quality Assorted

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    These beautiful textiles were made in India by a lovely lady named Velma.

    Velma is very skilled in kanta stitch and all things handmade.

    These are limited quantity and from the same fabric piece.

    Fabrics are hand loomed, organic cotton, color fast and hand stitched (kantha)

    Please hand wash and hang to dry for longevity.  Our american washers are much harder on fabrics and these gorgeous pieces are meant to be cared for well.

    All pillows come without an insert and have a zipper in the back.  I personally use a feather insert.

    My personal desire on our trips are to try and invest and give to those we come in contact with.  I hope we can be a blessing to Velma and her family.  Dawn